Three Ways For Your Cat To Get Exercise When You Have Limited Mobility

If you have a cat, chances are you already know that it's important for them to get regular exercise. Exercising offers plenty of benefits, like supporting cardiovascular health, joint health, and it can keep your kitty at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, though, playing with a cat isn't easy for everyone. If you have limited mobility due to health issues or another problem, it doesn't mean that you can't let your cat enjoy regular play. Here are three ways to get your kitty up and moving without hurting yourself.

Self-Play Toys

One of the best choices for cats in this situation is to offer them plenty of toys that they can enjoy and play with all on their own. Toys don't have to be limited to balls that you toss or teasers that you wave around.

Look for cat toys that are designed to get a cat interested and excited. Some common examples include:

  • Ball Chasers - Toys with rails and a ball pinned between those two rails. A cat can knock the ball around and chase it, but it won't pop out and get lost.

  • Dangling Teasers - Some cat teasers aren't meant to be held, but are instead given a base so that they can stand on their own.

  • Automated Toys - Some toys are designed to look like prey and have motors to wriggle around and move spontaneously.

Every cat is unique, so you may need to try more than one toy to get your cat up and moving.

Laser Pointer

Laser pointers are always a great choice if you have limited mobility. They don't require much movement at all to get a cat excited and eagerly chasing it around. Even if you can only move your wrist easily, all you need to do is point the laser far away from you. The minor movements of your wrist will send the laser scattering across a larger surface, resulting in more fun for your cat.

If you're not able to hold a laser or keeping a tight grip to hold the button down isn't possible for you, look for a self-play laser instead. These are usually built into stands and have a computer chip in them that creates an automated movement pattern to keep your cat intrigued and actively involved chasing the laser.

Climbing Perches

Finally, consider putting some vertical areas in for your cat. These can include cat trees, which are those carpet-covered cat climbing and scratching poles. However, you don't have to stop there!

Cat stairways lining the walls are becoming more popular all the time. They allow your kitty to leap and climb, and cats typically enjoy being high up and looking down from above anyway. These stairways are often sold as individual parts that simply need to be attached to the wall with included screws. If you have difficulty with projects like these, you can always hire someone to take care of it for you.

All of these options can improve your cat's health by encouraging them to play. If your cat doesn't show any interest or seems lethargic, get in touch with a vet to ensure that your kitty is healthy. 

Contact a clinic like Animal Emergency Clinic to learn more.

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